Turn a hotel room into a photography playground

By , April 01, 2016

Spectacular is what you exclaim when you step into your hotel room. The suspense that carried you on your inaugural walk from the elevator to your room melts away as soon as your eyes adjust to the warm incandescent lights, upon placing the keycard in the wall slot, and you see the crisp pillowcases positioned perfectly on the luxe mattress. Wait till my friends catch a sight of this!


After taking some photos for mum and co. you realise how much fun you’re having and that fun isn’t complicated – it stems from being creative and having a good paintbrush (and that little, black telecommunications device aka “your extra limb” is a damn good paintbrush). See tips for smartphone photographers.

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Do’s Of Taking Photos In Your Hotel Room

Do take a photo of yourself with your travel reads beside to show you’re in the mood for travel.

writing bed

Do take a this is my view from my hotel room photo.


Do bring along a travel mascot toy and photograph it “in action” doing things as you normally would.


Do take a photo of yourself jumping on the bed.


Do take a photo of yourself enjoying room service in an understated way like sipping a cuppa or some bubbly.


✓ Do take a photo of yourself in the tub with a rubber duck in hand.


✓ Do take a photo of yourself in your hotel robe to show you’re enjoying your relaxing stay.


✓ Do take a photo of the cityscape at night – sometimes they turn out nicer than daytimeshots :)!



Tips for Smartphone Photographers

Don’t use flash

✓ Do set HDR to auto

✓ Do default to rectangular

✓ Do zoom

✓ Do take a lot of shots

Follow our tips to achieve hotel photos you’ll love looking at just as much as you’ll love taking ❤️!

Photos © Beatriz Huélamo

A special thanks to Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf for opening their rooms to us!