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Travel hacks for the cheapest pacific island holiday

By , June 02, 2017

With unmatched azure lagoons, vacationing on the Pacific Islands can be very pricey. To determine the best months during high season to visit the Pacific Islands we compared seasonality against the average price of hotels on each of main islands for you to enjoy the cheapest pacific island holiday possible without compromising on the perks of luxury hotels and good peak season weather…

Pacific IslandCheapest month/sAvg. prices
TongaJul & SeptS$157
GuamJun & AprS$241
SamoaMay & JunS$178
New CaledoniaJulS$238
Cook IslandsMay & JunS$324
Bora BoraAug & SeptS$886



Best months to visit: July & September (S$157)

With hotels costing an average of $153 a night, the Kingdom of Tonga tops our list for being the most affordable Pacific Island. Diverse in all regards, from biodiversity to diverse accommodation options, Tonga is the best foolproof Pacific Island getaway, providing an abundance of choice for every type of vacationer.



Best months to visit: June & April ($241)

The best months to visit this tropical beach paradise are April and June, during dry season, when accommodation prices are at their lowest, averaging $241 a night.



Best months to visit: May & June ($178)

Afio mai (welcome) to Polynesian Samoa, the land of volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, and everything nature has to offer. One of the first civilisations in the South Pacific islands, you can bet Samoan culture is more than just interesting.



Best month to visit: October ($242)

October reigns supreme when it comes to finding affordable holiday accommodations in the sport-obsessed Fiji. Even if you’re not a rugby fanatic, the gorgeous island attracts the outdoors-men and women including hikers, birdwatchers, and beach goers.

If you’re more the indoors sort, or both…

New Caledonia


Best month to visit: July ($238)

Can’t quite afford going to France but craving a taste of the Riviera on your next holiday? Look no further than New Caledonia, where France and the South Pacific collide. If you’re on a budget then July is the best time to visit, plus you’ll be able to spend more on the food – influenced by French-style cooking. If you’re feeling adventurous, signup for a Table d’hôte (table of the host) experience – where you get to dine on authentic local food in the home of a local.

Cook Islands


Best months to visit: May & June ($324)

The Cook Islands are a popular tourist destination. So, for the discerning traveller, it’s important to know May and June are the cheapest and least crowded of the high season months to visit. The largest and most populated of the islands, Rarotonga, is a cosmopolitan hub with cafes and a thriving food scene.


Best months to visit: July ($341)

When thinking of Tahiti, vintage travel posters come to mind. Follow in the footsteps of the 1960s’ jetset by holidaying on this island in French Polynesia, the cheapest of all the main islands – accommodations are almost half the price of Bora Bora!

Bora Bora

Best months to visit: August & September ($886)

While it’s the priciest of the main Pacific Islands it’s often lauded as “the best island in the world” and is definitely worth holidaying here if you have the extra cash. The name in itself has a becoking ring to it (after all it means “created by the gods”) and, when coupled with photos of the majestic Mount Otemanu and the crystal-clear blue lagoons, there’s no chance you wont start a piggy bank labled “Bora Bora Funds”.