Top 10 destinations for year-end holidays

By , September 20, 2017

It’s time to start planning your year-end holidays if you haven’t already. Perhaps your boss has begun hinting at taking your remaining annual leave. Well, they’re right, you ought to, to go to one of the following top 10 year-end holiday destinations for Singaporean travellers!

10. Ipoh

A little over an hour by plane and under S$100 return, Ipoh is a favourite budget-friendly year-round holiday destination. Being that Ipoh is by the sea, there’s lots of hotels to pick from ranging from trendy hotels to luxury resorts. Read more: Where to stay in Ipoh: Resorts vs Hotels.

Hotels in Ipoh

9. Bandung

Bandung is a popular destination throughout the year. Hotels prices go up on weekends and even more during holidays. To beat the prices and crowds, stay outside the city in one of the many gorgeous resorts nestled in the countryside, not too far away from the centre. Read more: Where to stay in Bandung: gorgeous resorts near the city centre.

Hotels in Bandung

8. London

London for foodies, London for design-lovers, London for…There’s so many things to theme your trip to Britain’s capital around. Need inspiration for your end-of-year vaycay to see her majesty? These amazing gastro-design London hotels should do the trick! Read more: Gastro-design London hotels.

Hotels in London

7. Seoul

Winter is coming – and that means your long awaited trip to Seoul is up!  How about staying somewhere off the beaten path this time, or, for first-timers, staying in a budget friendly hotel in the centre? In and around the capital, here are top stays that are easy on the wallet! Read more: Seoul and its surroundings: budget friendly accommodations and activities.

Hotels in Seoul

6. Port Dickson

Resorts are abundant in this beach-side destination and comprise a lot of entertainment facilities – ideal for a year-end family getaway. And with KL nearby, the family has the opportunity to have New Year’s Day brunch in the capital and enjoy fireworks over the beach in PD the night before. Want in on the top-rated beachfront hotels? Read more: The top resorts in Port Dickson.

Hotels in Port Dickson

5. Taipei

Everyone’s always raving about the topnotch food in Taipei when they get back from holidaying there. Delicious and cheap. If good food isn’t enough to bring you here, product design is gorgeous as the Taiwnese have a penchant for crafting quality handmade wares and and eye for graphic design. Read more: Stylish design hotels in Taipei (city centre).

Hotels in Taipei

4. Tokyo

You’ve finally saved enough for big your trip to Japan – it’s time to start planning it then! Whether you stay in Tokyo for the entire duration of your year-end holiday or do a cross-country tour, you ought to start in the futuristic capital. Read more: Where to go within 2 hours from Tokyo.

Hotels in Tokyo

3. Bangkok

You just don’t tire of Bangkok. Everything glistens here; from pagoda stupas to the surfaces of infinity pools at luxury hotels which, by the way, you should stay in while here as prices of 5 stars are almost half the nightly rate of Singapore! Read more: Rooftop bars at Bangkok’s hottest hotels.

Hotels in Bangkok

2. Kuala Lumpur

Want to escape the city but don’t like travelling far and spending money on airfare? Then it’s got to be next door neighbour Kuala Lumpur! While the verb “bustling” doesn’t accurately describe modern Asian capitals these days, KL retains a “yet to be discovered” quality and is an exciting place to wrap your year up in. Read more: Best value hotels in KL.

Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

1. Hong Kong

The city that tops our year-end destination charts is Hong Kong! Like Singapore, Hong Kong knows how to do hotels right. We’re talking about the finest afternoon teas, pampering services, and the best themed rooms around starting with Hong Kong Disneyland of course! Read more: Where to stay in Hong Kong and Macau with children.

Hotels in Hong Kong