Luxury Hotels

Our favourite luxury hotels

Everyone craves a little luxury now and again. Whether you’re planning a weekend away with your partner, celebrating a birthday, or maybe just want to treat yourself for a night or two, we bring you a selection...

of luxury hotels and luxurious travel experiences that are sure to make you (and your loved ones) feel special.

For those who want to a taste of luxury close to home, why not book in for a luxury staycation in a city hotel that offers up spectacular views of Singapore’s skyline. Spend your nights soaking in the bubbliest of all bubble baths with a champagne flute in hand. When you’re all relaxed, slip into your fluffy robe and get comfy in your deluxe king bed fitted with 1000-count sheets, drifting off to sleep knowing you’ll be woken by the smell of breakfast and bed the next morning.

Or maybe you’re keen on taking your luxury hotel experience international? Highflyers can enjoy a taste of luxe life in one of the world’s most luxurious cities, Sydney, or get a taste of the concrete jungle that is Manhattan. But if you only have a weekend free, there are still some luxurious stops around Asia waiting to be explored—the charming streets of Kyoto, beach resorts in Vietnam or Cambodia, or the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau.

So if a luxury hotel experience is what you’re after, you’re sure to find something right here—whatever your definition of luxury and whatever your budget.


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