International Travel

Our favourite international getaways

As much as we love our own backyard, sometimes it’s nice to get a stamp or two in our passports. Nothing beats the excitement of packing your suitcase, the stress of making sure you’re under that 23-kilogram li...

mit and of course, the relaxation of just getting to sit back and spend hours watching movies while you fly across the globe. And to help you out, we’ve got some great suggestions on where to go and where to stay in some of our most popular international destinations.

If you crave a delight of the senses, take your next adventure to wondrous neighbouring countries. Maybe you’re drawn into the bright lights of Tokyo or Hong Kong, where you can dine on delectable ramen or egg tarts, spend an afternoon in a quirky café or have a picture moment at the busiest street crossing in the world. Explore the sights, sounds and smells of Indonesia. Walk along a pristine white beach as the sun sets, taste delicious Mi Goreng from a night market and before heading out and partying the night away.

Now, we know that not all of us want to be overstimulated during our holiday, so that’s why we have suggestions for a more calm and collective route. Spend your day lazing by the beach in Cambodia or Vietnam, the sun making your skin glisten and the only stimulation you need is a sugar rush from your Mojito—I’ll have a large, please!

While there might be spectacular adventures to be had in neighbouring countries, why not explore the gems of the South Pacific. Recreate scenes from Moana with your kids on the shores of Fiji or head down to the tourist haven that is Australia and find yourself a home-away-from-home in Sydney or Melbourne.

For those who want to go big and not go home may we suggest Europe? Stroll down to Buckingham Palace or Oxford Circus with a trip to vibrant London or roam the streets of the concrete jungle that is New York City.

So with your passport in hand, we’ve got some great spots around the world for you to explore and the best hotel experiences to make your trip memorable.

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