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The best of Manila, Cebu, and Boracay

By , April 16, 2018

Travel to The Philippines often involves more than one city. Starting off in Manila and then ending up on one of the many idyllic beaches, such as those of Boracay and Cebu, are a common path for travellers to the country.

With so many options on the island nation, who knows where you’ll end up! But so you’re covered for any eventuality, we rounded up the best hotels in The Philippines’ three major cities, from the most luxurious beach accommodations to the most centrally-located and affordable city hotels.

Navigate busy Manila by finding a well-located hotel

Where to stay in Manila

There’s so much going on in the urban capital, and, in order to preserve sanity and make sure only enjoyment is had during your short trip here, a well-located hotel is imperative. And we have found quite a few nice ones.

Where to stay around Manila

Think about a short excursion outside busy Manila if you’re spending a long weekend there. Just a few hours away from the city, these wellness-style hotels ensure some precious R&R time for you and your friends.

City or beach? Cebu has great hotels for both!

Where to stay in Metro Cebu

Once the nation’s capital, Cebu City has lots of history and culture though doesn’t fall short of impressive nature, with its own man-made lagoon right in the heart of the city. For where to stay, we thought the most affordable, modern hotels with as many amenities as luxury-end accommodations would be a good place to start.

Where to stay on Cebu’s beaches

Less crowded than Palawan, Cebu is where white-sand-hungry holiday seekers ought to go. Start with the beaches of Mactan Island—located just a few km from Cebu City—and then travel South along Cebu Island’s coastline to smaller towns with fantastic dive sites.

Boracay’s best beach hotels for everyone

Where to stay in Boracay based on group-type

There’s so much that goes on in Boracay that makes it the pulsating city that it is. From the amazing nightlife to the myriad of water activities, there’s something for everyone on the island…

Where to stay in Boracay for ultra-special occasions

It’s a known fact that Boracay is a magnet for beach obsessed couples. As with any site of pilgrimage, there’re plenty of hotels to accommodate the masses that flock here. Ain’t nobody got time for the sub-par choices so, instead, here are the most gorgeous of them all.

*In light of a major island cleanup that’s underway to rehabilitate the land from negative effects of overtourism, Boracay is shut to tourists till the end of October 2018. Check local travel advisories the latest updates.