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Spotlight on Hong Kong’s Family-First Serviced Apartments: CHI Residences

By , July 04, 2017

Serviced Apartments aren’t just for business people

It may be that HR personnel helping employees relocate are the ones most familiar with booking serviced apartments though it’s time to take the search into your own hands, especially if you’re travelling as a family. Why? With way more features available at serviced apartments than ever before, families can customise their apartment to ensure their medium to long-term stay is as homelike as possible.

Using trivago, mums and dads looking for family-first serviced apartments can easily filter for necessary services and amenities based on their family dynamic. For instance, working couples with infants could filter for “childcare”. Applying these filters to the city of Hong Kong yields CHI Residences 314.

CHI Residences

More than a short-term accommodation for business people, CHI, created by Pilar D. Morais and her father, is a passion project by family, for family. “I’ve stayed for a month or more at each of our buildings on multiple occasions including while I was pregnant with both my children!” Pilar told trivago Magazine. As a mother with a family and as a business owner who works around the clock, Pilar hits the bullseye when it comes to her own serviced apartment’s guest demographic, and who better to represent guests than an insider. “In order for all our staff to do to truly understand how guests experience CHI it’s important for them to stay for more than a couple of nights in an apartment.”

Pilar and family in bed at CHI with new baby Charlotte

“I’ve stayed for a month or more at each of our buildings on multiple occasions including while I was pregnant with both my children!”

So, being that it’s for family, what does each family member love best about staying at CHI?

Highlights for kids

Pilar’s two little girls can’t get enough of the beds, but not for resting in…for jumping on! Besides the ultra comfy beds for napping in (and playing on) kids have practically a whole playground of an apartment to be kids in!


When you stay somewhere for months on end a bond naturally develops between staff and guests, particularly the little misses and misters. Residents who’ve since moved out send photo updates to CHI, just as you would with family members. “They’re residents and not guests” says Pilar. “Staff make it a point to remember each resident’s likes and dislikes and personalise the resident’s experience based on their preferences.”

Highlights for mums

“Just having the kitchenette was a lifesaver for me after I brought both my kids back from the hospital after giving birth. It’s still my favourite amenity as family time around the dining table is important to me and if I can facilitate that, even if it’s just by heating up takeout, I always do” says Pilar.


The weights and yoga mat CHI provides are super helpful for mums who’ve just relocated and haven’t unpacked their exercise equipment yet or had time to signup for a gym. Complementary “fit” and “health” guides provided by CHI, giving guests in-room exercise routines and options for healthy restaurants and grocers, are testament to the user first experience mums and all guests alike enjoy during their stay.

Highlights for dads

Barbecuing in the garden and reading the paper with man’s best friend at his feet are dad’s favourite parts of staying at CHI. Grills are only available at CHI 138 and CHI 120. These buildings are also pet friendly.


For on-the-go dads whose homes are their haven, the deep couches, TV with everyone’s favourite cable channels, high speed Wifi, and full-size fridges are what gives CHI its “home away from home” status. The fact that there are enough tabletops with electrical outlets for everyone in the family to have their own clean surface to work on is also worth mentioning.

Like its CEO, CHI is a visionary when it comes to luxury serviced apartments in Hong Kong, edging not only CHI but the local serviced apartment industry forward by keeping up with hospitality and property industry trends. Adding on to the list of already distinctive accommodation features including “pet-friendly” and “private balconies” Pilar has, over the last 10 years, established both a café that caters to all dietary requirements and a coworking space in conjunction with CHI.


There are currently four Hong Kong properties to the CHI name with a fifth opening later this year!

Highlights per building

CHI 393 – The first CHI Residence
CHI 120 – Free gym membership and pet friendly
CHI 279 – Daily stay available as well as long-term stay
CHI 314 – 9 apartment sizes to chose from
CHI 138 (opening soon) – Private balconies and shared grill  

CHI Residences official website