Remaining annual leave? Here's where to go and stay!

By , November 20, 2017

  1. Calculate how many days of leave you have left.
  2. 5+ days was it? Lucky you. Go to the corresponding “5+ days” section below.
  3. Pick your favourite destination, hotel, and don’t leave booking to the last minute!

5+ days – London, Amsterdam

3-4 days – Seoul, Sydney

1-2 days – Manila, Yangon

0 days – Jakarta, Penang, Phuket

5+ days


The creator of the “all the things” meme was probably in London on holiday going bonkers over all the things, and I mean all the things, there are to do. Food and design are just two of the many things the city is amazing for…

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Hotels in London


Amstir-DAM. Don’t you get goosebumps when you hear it said the Dutch way? Wonder why that is? It’s because it evokes images of the alternative city moving to the exciting beat it does, now as it has done for centuries…

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Hotels in Amsterdam

3-4 days


While shopping can easily fill up 3-4 days, there’s so much more to be had in Seoul. Romantic islands, kimchi, and an equally spicy nightlife – why did you think everyone speaks of Seoul with a burning fire in their eyes?

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Hotels in Seoul


Head down unda this holiday season and be one of the first to ring in the New Year. Watch the spectacular fireworks illuminate Sydney Harbour from the comfort of your opera view hotel rooms…

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Hotels in Sydney

1-2 days


Filipino food is finally a global trend and while you’re glad it’s getting the attention it deserves, you loved it first, didn’t you. Spend your remaining leave getting your lechon on and prepare to shop, drop, and roll…

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Hotels in Manila


1-2 days leave plus the weekend/red letter days is ample time for your first “discovery” visit to Yangon. With dry season from November-February the best time to visit is now!

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Hotels in Yangon

0 days


With just the weekend plus Christmas and New Year’s Day left for you to organise an end-of-year trip with, turn your head due South to Jakarta – another city whose name renders vivid pictures of animated streets, vendors “pulling” Kopi Tarik and hip hotels with some of the city’s top nightlife.

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Hotels in Jakarta


The best budget-luxury holiday to book at the last minute, with only a few days leave left is Penang, hands down. Want to show that friend who’s visiting you in Singapore something different? Bring them to George Town!

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Hotels in Penang


Lovers of beaches, there’s no need to try and sell Phuket to you – you’ve probably already booked your tickets over for Christmas and are possibly part of a frequent-stay program at one of Phuket’s many luxury hotels. No matter, Phuket pros and virgins alike will love the pool villa inspiration that follows…

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Hotels in Phuket