How to take couples photos in your hotel room

By , September 01, 2017

Ang Geck Geck Priscilla is a blogger, model, and filmmaker from Singapore – you may have seen her promotional video for Hotel Jen Tanglin or follow her on Instagram. When you lay your eyes on the stunning black and white couple photos she produced of her and her boyfriend at Hotel 1929 you’ll, like us, ask “how can I take those?”.

In this article Priscilla runs us through:

  1. Choosing the hotel
  2. Taking the photos: before, during, and after the photo shoot
  3. Equipment list
  4. Using the photos
  5. Recommended hotels

1. Choosing the hotel

  • Pick a hotel room with big windows so you won’t have to use artificial light.
  • Spend more on a higher category room which, ideally, has outdoor space with lots of natural light such as the terrace suite at Hotel 1929 in Singapore. The difference between a good and a great photo? The room.

  • Themed rooms work as great backdrops for your photos. Another Unlisted Collection hotel, Wanderlust, has rooms themed on bold, Pantone colours.
  • Do a photo shoot on your next romantic getaway secluded villas are favourites for couple retreats and chances are you’ve got a stay coming up. Make the most of your private luxury abode by coordinating a couples photo shoot while there. When there’s guarantee of no distractions you know your photos are going to turn out good!

Read on for Priscilla’s ultralight photography equipment packing list.

2. Taking the photos

Before the shoot

  • Prepare a moodboard – use Pinterest or Instagram to collect examples of your favourite photographs and try and copy/emulate them in your photo shoot. Priscilla adds that you should compile your inspiration list overtime and to strive for a consistent, “overall” look.
  • Hire a photographer to do your shoot – hiring amateur photographers to take photos while on holiday is a thing! And it’s not as expensive as it sounds! Try contacting your favourites directly on Instagram. You’d be surprised at the willingness to collaborate over a meal or a price that’s at least affordable.
  • Send collaborators your moodboard – share your art direction with your hired photographer beforehand.
  • Bring props!
  • Stay true to yourself and your partner – if you both love animals and a good sense of humor then go ahead and surround yourself with stuffed animal toys or your own pets if the hotel allows. This works great for camera shy partners, such as Priscilla’s boyfriend. Have fun – the photos will reflect this!

  • Know your style and let it fly free – Priscilla’s self proclaimed girliness and eccentricity shows quite nicely in her photos, don’t you think?
  • Prepare your wardrobe, makeup & hair beforehand – if you’re a perfectionist like Priscilla, then arrange what you’ll need ahead of time to make sure you’ve packed everything.

During the shoot

  • Get comfortable – have your favourite couples songs playing in the background as you take the photos.
  • Warm up – this one’s easy, just start talking! Once you’re on a roll, keep the momentum going!
  • Curate photos at intervals – besides giving you a chance to breathe, you’ll be able to see if you need to modify your approach.
  • Keep an eye on colour – is your moodboard based on one colour family? Its a good idea to keep colour consistent if you want to make an album out of the couples photos from your shoot.

After the shoot

  • Beginners can use the Instagram app like Priscilla’s boyfriend.
  • Other photo editing apps recommended by Priscilla are Meitu, VSCO, and Snapseed.

  • Use Lightroom by Adobe like Priscilla if you already know a thing or two about editing photographs.

3. Equipment list

  • DSLR – Priscilla travels with her Sony NEX-7.
  • Zoom lens – Priscilla uses an all-in-one 18-55mm zoom lens to avoid changing lenses to shift between long and close-up shots.
  • Tripod

4. Using the photos

  • Great as a monthiversary present – Priscilla gifted her Hotel 1929 couples photos to her beau for their anniversary in the form of a collage.
  • Print honeymoon postcards for friends and family.
  • Take videos too – you’ll have time as the photo shoot shouldn’t take an entire day if you follow the tips above.

5. Recommended hotels

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