Hotel bed frames for every personality type

By , December 17, 2015

With the coming New Year, I will travel more, lose weight, be generous… These are some of the typical resolutions we set, but find it so hard to keep!

But fear not, here’s a doable one – how about a quick refresh of your bedroom inspired by these unique bed frames we’ve discovered in hotels?

We bring you a selection of six amazing designs ranging from quirky, calm and artistic that will unleash the latent designer in you!

1. Hotel bed frames for The Artist

You love strolling by flea markets and discovering old, vintage pictures and illustrations that you purchase and use as home decoration.

Villa Saint Germain

© Villa Saint-Germain

Why not draw inspiration from the Villa Saint-Germain in Paris and hang these monochrome drawings above your bed?

Bonus aesthetic points if you have unequal-sized frames to create depth in your work of art.

La Belle Juliette

© La Belle Juliette

Looking for storage space for your favourite collection of books?

You can create your own mini bookshelf above your bed, similar to the La Belle Juliette hotel in Paris. Looks great and is convenient for a bedtime read.

2. Hotel bed frames for The Architect

You can see the bigger picture in design and bring new life to old building parts by recycling its use.

Looking beyond the obvious, you’re imaginative and creative, even in the bedroom.

Hotel Henriette

© Henriette Paris

Over here, doors are not meant to be open, but serve as magnificent decorative bed framing pieces like the one at Henriette Paris.

It’s a simple yet ingenious idea of adding a statement art in your bedroom, along with a nice pop of colour.

La Tour Intendance

© La Tour Intendance

Even with old and slightly roughed up cabinet doors, they do well by offering a vintage feel to your otherwise modern bedroom. La Tour Intendance in Bordeaux shows you how this matches perfectly with plain and simpler interiors.

3. Hotel bed frames for The Traveller

Always packed and on-the-go, you’re constantly checking off your travel bucket list.

How about some travel inspiration, without leaving the comfort of your bed?

Villa Bougainville

© Villa Bougainville

At the Villa Bougainville in Nice, journey to the world of palm trees and exotic lands with its tropical wall design set against a vibrant aquatic blue backdrop.

Plus, mounted butterflies on the wall give a sense of the unknown and adventure that’ll spark your wanderlust.

Hotel Du Petit Moulin

© Hotel du Petit Moulin

If you’re conquered Planet Earth and are looking to book yourself a Virgin Galactic flight, the Du Petit Moulin in Paris is the hotel for you.

Get space-inspired with this cosmic bed frame that’ll take you to the outer realms as you fall into sweet slumber.

4. Hotel bed frames for The Trendy

You’re at the forefront of the latest design trends and even have a little hipster vibe in you. Even when it comes to sleep, you’re on top of what’s in, or out.

Hotel SP34

© Hotel SP34

Where better to look at for the latest trends other than design-forward Scandinavia? At SP34 in Copenhagen, their headboards may not necessarily be the most comfortable, but the one thing you can be sure of is stylish sleep.

Modelled after the back of a chair, this neo-Scandinavian headboard is a perfect complement to industrial-themed living spaces.

BLC Design Hotel

© BLC Design Hotel

Calling all lumbersexuals! If you’re into man buns and want to shout it out loud, why not plaster the image of one behind your bed like hotel BLC Design in Paris?

A little outrageous perhaps, but definitely an eye-catcher!

5. Hotel bed frames for The Mellow

Your bed is the love of your life and nothing brings greater joy than saying we meet again to your 300 thread count sheets.

You’ll stop at nothing to create the coziest and plush bed possible for the perfect night’s rest.

Hotel Paradis

© Hotel Paradis

For an all-round comfort experience, the Paradis Paris has got it covered. Their bed frames are made of soft, Scottish tartan-inspired design cushions of different sizes that’s easy on the eyes and the head.

Le Grimaldi

© Hotel Le Grimaldi

If the minimalist in you is crying out for attention, have a look at Le Grimaldi Nice. They have channeled all-white cushion seats into two separate and ultra-soft headboards you’ll never have to worry about head bruises again.

6. Hotel bed frames for The Logophile

You’re not into logos, but a lover of words and think alphabets shouldn’t be confined to Scrabble.

You want to live out the very words that inspire you and wake up to them every day.

Hotel de la Paix

© Hotel de la Paix

Reminding us to count our blessings and embrace happiness is De la Paix Paris. With bonheur, or happiness, right above the bed, there’s no better start to wonderful day ahead of you!

Astotel Joke

© Astotel Joke

Another Parisian hotel, Astotel Joke, has a headboard design doubling as a sleep aid.

For insomniacs, rather than count sheep (and feel more awake than ever), try playing around with the mixed order of words until the lids of your eyes are up no more.

So tell us, which is your favourite bed frame?