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Hot spring hotels in Taiwan and Japan

By , November 28, 2017

Travellers to Japan and Taiwan often add overnight stays at hot springs on their agenda. And smartly so as, while vibrant city life is the driving factor to travel to these countries, hot spring hotels in both Taiwan and Japan are unbelievably relaxing and sought after – a great break from being on your feet all day. Hot spring hotel options are varied and plentiful so we picked our favourite value-for-money hotels!



Onyado Nono Namba

From when your feet hit the tatami flooring to when your head brushes past the noren, you’ll feel completely immersed in Japan (that is if the Japanese signage, language, and smaller-sizes haven’t already done the trick). You’re a cultural traveller and value authentic, transformative experiences. So, besides its traditional digs, Onyado Nono Namba also provides the “wellness” aspect in the form of a comprehensive hot spring. Comprising 3 kinds of bath (indoor, cold, and semi open-air), guests are spoiled for choice. Just as roomy are the actual hotel rooms, making them ideal for families.

Hotel highlight: complementary late night ramen! Every night, from 9-11pm, bowls of Nono’s famous soy sauce yonaki-soba await well-rested spa goers. There’s no better end to a day at the hotsprings that slurping down a bowl of hot noodles.


Shuhoukaku Kogetsu


If drinking a cold Japanese draft beer, submerged in the soothing, remedial hot waters of an onsen, sounds like your sort of way to relax then the Mt. Fuji proximate Shuhoukaku Kogetsu is your hot spring hotel of choice. Add “the suitcase system” of measurement to your list of Japanese unconventionalities as its common for travellers to relay the size of their Japanese hotel rooms in suitcase quantity. In the case of this lakeside hotel, swinging around a couple of hefty suitcases (not that you’d want to) is possible, making the Fujisan-side abode a favourite week-long destination for groups of friends.

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Hotel highlight: The impeccable view of the snow peaked mountain that’s inspired Japanese painters and poets for centuries is right across your balcony – and that’s priceless.



Grand View Resort Beitou


You’d expect for a hot spring to be located in nature. With panoramic views of Beitou’s lush, mountainous landscape, of  Grand View Resort Beitou exceeds expectations. And as colour experts associate green with health and tranquility, having green as far as the eye can see from your fashionable bedrooms will leave you indescribably relaxed. As for blue, the color of calm and serenity, there’s lots of it to go around in the form of eight hot springs.

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Hotel highlights: We know you love private pool villas and in-room Jacuzzis, so a private hot spring room should get you excited! With room sizes ranging from approximately 14-45 square metres, anyone, from couples to families can enjoy the luxury of a private hot spring.



Spa Spring Resort


Not comfortable in your birthday suit but still want to enjoy some hot spring action on your next trip to Taiwan? Bathing suits, and you, are welcomed at the modern, traditionally-styled Spa Spring Resort. Special about this hot spring hotel is that the sulfurous public baths are on the roof. Rooms are spacious (multiple-suitcases-spacious) and contain private in-room hot springs.

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Hotel highlights: Special, themed parent-child VIP suite with tents and toys for the kiddos. Other regular family rooms too.


Header image by Japanexperterna.se