Cocktails love company: hotel bars for every occasion

By , March 15, 2016

It’s 6 p.m. but feels like four, the sky is amber, and there’s a hint of kids’ laughter in the breeze. Invigorating moments like these are inspiring, and as inspiration begs company you start scrolling through your address book till you spot the friend you want to have a tête-à-tête cocktail with. So ring them up and invite them to one of Singapore’s top hotel bars.


Regent Singapore

Bourbon lovers have got to go to Regent Singapore’s Manhattan. Boasting the world’s first in-hotel rickhouse (a warehouse where bourbon is aged in oak barrels), true connoisseurs will have a field day tasting straight-from-the-source spirits. With a myriad of bourbon-flavoured creations concocted by Manhattan’s mixologists, there’s plenty to amuse the bouches of all (both bourbon connoisseurs and friend-of-connoisseurs alike). A must try on your first visit to Manhattan is the signature Sipsmith Negroni. “Violet Hour” is from 5pm – 7pm on weekdays. Check out their full drinks menu here.

Adrift Bar & Lounge

Marina Bay Sands

6pm – 9pm Tuesdays at Marina Bay Sands is “Social Hour” (we love how “hour” so often doesn’t mean 60 minutes). Tuesday’s the day of the work-week we’re feeling most restless, so grab a colleague and head down to Adrift Bar & Lounge for rounds of Penicillin and Troublemaker cocktails at 50% off! That’ll sure alleviate any remaining feelings of restlessness you’re experiencing for a smooth remainder of the week.

The Bar at Bread Street Kitchen

Marina Bay Sands

Another celebrity bar at Marina Bay Sands is The Bar at Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay. Your monthly “best friend reunion” is coming up and it’s your turn to organise something. Just paste the drinks and food menu from this post into your WhatsApp group and watch as your friends start flooding the chat with ?s! Order a classic Cosmopolitan (1934 recipe) for your classy gin-loving friend, the zesty Jasmine Faith for the friend whose motto is “I want something fresh”, and, for the diva in the group, the fruity Love Potion No. 9 a.k.a. an interpretation of “Marilyn Monroe’s nightcap”.  


Bar and Billiard Room


Bar & Billiard Room

It’s the third time mum’s reminded you to give godmother a call to thank her for the red envelope she gave you over Chinese New Year and for the homemade belacan on behalf of mum. It’s time to treat her to something for a change. You know godmother loves the Raffles, she always took you there as a child for high tea, so you call her up and invite her for a cocktail at Bar and Billiard Room where they have the illustrious Raffles 1915 Gin. Who doesn’t love a Singapore Sling? Incidentally, there’s a cocktail called The Godmother and one called The Godchild (not on the menu) – see if the bartender can fix you one! 

Bar Vagabond

Hotel Vagabond

Taste the signature cocktails at Bar Vagabond and you’re literally drinking works of art. Collaborative works of Hotel Vagabond‘s artists-in-residence and its bartenders, the cocktails here will induce storytelling. The perfect venue to bring friends with whom you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Just be sure to order A Certain Shade of Green for yourself and a Basil Hallward for your friend before diving deep into conversation – we all know how impossible it is to order once engrossed!

Rumpoles Bar

Hotel Jen Tanglin

Located on level two of Hotel Jen Tanglin, Rumpoles is the most unassuming of the bars in this list of delicious cocktail producing establishments. Its leather-upholstered seats and all-wood furniture remind one of a country club. Adorned with graffiti murals, the bar showcases the best of both old and new worlds. Somewhere I’d take my best buddy to continue our never ending debates.