Light me up: amazing light festivals around the world

By , November 02, 2015

The time of the year has come to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, victory over evil. While the Hindu community in Singapore gears up for Deepavali, Little India transforms into a dazzling array of intricate streamers and festive lights. In honour of this colourful celebration, we bring you some of the most amazing and artistic light festivals around the world.

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney

We all know Melbourne as the cultural, ultra hip centre of Australia, but this incredible festival of light, music and arts at Vivid Sydney will give its Southern sibling a run for its money. When night falls from May – June, watch the city transform into a magical burst of colour – spellbinding moments guaranteed! But there’s more to this artistic spectacular, with many live concerts, DJ parties, workshops and community exchanges to cap off your experience at this wonderland playground.

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Kobe Luminarie

[caption id="attachment_1282" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Kobe Luminarie Photo courtesy of kentiki[/caption]

While Kobe is well-known for its Wagyu beef, the city is also popular for a different type of indulgence. The Kobe Luminarie, intended as a one-off symbol of hope and recovery after one of Japan’s biggest earthquakes in 1995, is now an annual feast for the eyes for many all around the world. In case you noticed something European-esque about the design, you’re right! These massive installations are produced by Italian designers and individually hand-painted.

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Lux Helsinki

Lux Helsinki

You don’t always have to visit IKEA for a dose of Scandinavian cool. For five days in January Helsinki illuminates the streets in style during the darkest time of the year. Thanks to the creative use of ecological LED lamps and low energy lights, the total energy used is equivalent to running the country’s largest swim hall for just four hours. No surprise there – the Finnish are some of the most environmentally-conscious people in the world.

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Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival

Here’s another dimension to taking in the artistic sights at the Amsterdam Light Festival. Visitors can hop on the Water Colours boat tour and cruise along the city’s iconic canals, passing floating, suspended and cool water-projected light installations. And if you can’t get enough of these romantic canals – Amsterdam is after all famed for being the ‘Venice of the North’ – we recommend these quaint Bed and Breakfasts in Central Amsterdam you’ll love to spend the night at.


Nabana No Sato Illumination

[caption id="attachment_1292" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Nabana No Sato Photo courtesy of Giovanna Calicchio [/caption]

Nabana no Sato is not exactly centrally located, but the site of Japan’s largest and fantasy light show more than makes up with grandeur. Just outside of Nagoya in the city of Kuwana, the botanical park – a stunning flower garden by day – is flooded with millions of LED lights, creating massive floral light extravaganza like no other. Novelties here include a 45m high ‘Island Fuji’ observatory offering unparalleled views of the starry landscape and a 100m long light tunnel transporting you to another galactic dimension.

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