Let us introduce our team of hotel experts

Covering all corners of the world, trivago Magazine was born out of the simple belief that behind every great travel experience is - yep, you’ve guessed it! - a great hotel.
This school of thought is what brought our cosmopolitan content marketing crew together in the city of Düsseldorf, Germany. And it’s here you’ll find our international team of editors sitting side-by-side, consuming inordinate amounts of caffeine (imperative) and sharing inspiring travel stories and insider knowledge from all over the globe.
We are a troupe of triathlon runners, bar owners and plain old bon vivants who are keen to show another side to every destination - starting with your home-from-home. Our individual travel styles impact the way we consider a hotel choice as the centrepiece of an adventure, whether it’s the foodies who think the best way to start a day of exploring is filling up on a good hotel breakfast, or the luxury-lovers who prize a plush spa and a high thread-count above all.

How does this all work, then?

The magazine is not powered solely on local love, either. Each edition is the product of real, regional voices working in tandem with social media champs, data wizards (their official job titles, of course), mastermind designers and diligent developers. The result? Your boutique hotel in Paris, for example - as well as receiving favourable reviews and high ratings from guests - has been both personally vetted by the French contingent, while the Singaporean corner sends their shortlist of best local stays to the Danish team.
Why not get to know us a little better and check out one of our stories - whether it’s the most gorgeous hotels where you can see the Northern Lights, romantic castle hotels in Ireland or all-inclusive hotels in Jamaica, we know everything that’s worth knowing about hotels.

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