Romantic Getaways

6 sexy hotels that'll spice up your relationship

By , January 18, 2016

Looking for the right gift for your loved one? Forget the usual gifts such as perfume or tech gadgets; while the latter are useful, cold metal casings hardly spell romantic.

Here is our list of 6 sexy hotels to inspire you to embark on a fun, naughty getaway with your partner!

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

Pelirocco Kraken Lair

Photo courtesy of Hotel Pelirocco. Kraken’s Lair

Hotel Pelirocco prides itself for being Brighton’s sauciest hotel – and for good reason.

Their flagship suite, the Kraken’s Lair, is a three-room suite large enough for all sorts of in-room adventures. It’s equipped with facilities that’ll be sure to spice things up, such as a mirrored ceiling canopy, pole-dancing area and a private courtyard with your own entrance.

fifty shades of grey

Photo courtesy of Hotel Pelirocco. Bettie’s Boudoir

At Bettie’s Boudoir, you’ll have a Safari experience with leopard print coverings on the blankets, sofa and wall. Furry handcuffs included.

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Crazy Bear Beaconsfield

crazy bear beaconsfield 1

Suite Twenty

With its dramatic interiors and furnishings, the Crazy Bear Beaconsfield in Southern England will give you a royalty treatment like no other.

You’ll find ample opportunity to play out your regal fantasies – the room is covered, quite literally, with sumptuous leather-lined walls and floors, complete with a copper tub in front of the bed.

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Seven Hotel Paris

Seven hotel 1

Dreams Room

You’ve always wished for some kind of amorous play with your partner under the open night sky, but fear getting caught by passers-by or (gasp!) children.

At the Seven Hotel Paris‘ “Dreams” room, the twinkling night sky is brought to the comfort of your room. Cuddle on a plush and levitating bed as you bask in soft blue-purple mood lighting that’ll up the romance factor to feverish levels.

Love Box

Your Personal Love Box

Special room packages come with a “Love Box”, filled with all sorts of goodies to tickle whatever the fancy of couples.

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Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin

Mirror Room

Mirror room

Ceiling mirrors over the bed are exciting, but to have mirrors across the entire room, now that’s electrifying.

Located in one of Europe’s most unconventional and eccentric cities, rooms at the Propeller Island City Lodge Berlin are full of creative flair. Because what good would mirrors do without proper lighting?

The room comes fitted with well-positioned vanity spotlights to satisfy even the most exhibitionist couples.

Two Lions Room

two lions room
While we aren’t sure if the name of the room is inspired by loud roaring, we’re certain Two Lions will appeal to adventurous couples out there.

Two large cages equipped with mattresses are positioned in the centre for one (or two) to climb into and spend the night in.

Naturally, how the caged space is used is entirely up to the guests’ imagination.

Gallery Room

gallery room
Here’s a chance to play Austin Powers for a day. The hotel’s Gallery Room comes equipped with a circular rotating bed that switches its orientation by pushing its pedal.

Watching your partner swirl 360 degrees never looked so groovvyy, babyy!

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