10 best hotel hacks for a perfect vacation

By , April 06, 2016

Let’s face it: planning a vacation is strenuous and time consuming. If not planned well you could wind-up discovering, halfway through your trip, that you’ve overshot your budget and are forced to compromise on the quality of the remainder of your trip. Therefore, we came up with a list of the best hotel hacks to help you plan a perfect vacation.

1. Find the perfect hotel

trivago is a hotel search engine with a database of more than one million hotels and 250 booking sites. Find your ideal hotel by searching by location or, if you already know the hotel you want to stay in already, type in the name of the hotel and then compare different offers available for the same hotel by selecting different date ranges and, finally, click to be redirected to the booking site to secure your preferred hotel. You can also perform a comprehensive search for your ideal hotel by using filters – the list is endless! Check all the amenities you’d like to have in your hotel from the list (highlighted in the images below) and you’re well on your way to a nice holiday!
trivago 1trivago 3

2. Read reviews

Star ratings tell us how fancy and luxurious a hotel is but reviews give actual insight into their hospitality. These are honest opinions and impressions of fellow travellers who’ve stayed at the hotel. What better way to know what you can expect at the hotel than from reviews of previous hotel guests?

3. Seek inspiration from travel blogs

Are you planning on visiting a place you’ve never been to before? Well, travel blogs are the best source of information you have – and you should make use of them! They offer inspiration and ideas on how to travel alone or with family and on what places to visit. They also have insider information on hotel deals and features to aid you in finding your ideal hotel. Why don’t you start with our very own blog: www.trivago Magazine.trivago.sg?
checkin 2
We have you covered on the latest stories from our travel bloggers, destination ideas categorised into Asia, the rest of the world and travel inspiration to bring out the food junkie, the romantic and the adventurer in you. Do you still need another incentive to visit our blog? I didn’t think so either.

4. Browse Incognito

It’s a known fact that travel agencies use cookies to track users’ search history and increase the prices. Browsing privately won’t let websites detect cookies on your computer, which means no manipulation of prices and you get to book for the fairest price.

5. Watch out for local events

Thinking of taking a trip to Munich in September? Well, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the world renowned Oktoberfest. However, hotel prices just shoot up during this time making it difficult to find good accommodation within your budget constraints. Planning ahead of time always helps!
Speaking of Oktoberfest, are you a beer lover? Then you might want to check out my article on Beer hotels here.

6. Plan in Advance

Take time to research the place you are visiting and get suggestions and recommendations on what to see. Make a list of things to do and plan an itinerary. A well planned vacation eliminates the need for excessive back-and-forth travelling by finding you accommodation at the ideal location – increasing the likelihood that your trip is a memorable one.

7. Visit lesser known places

Must see tourist attractions should rightly be on top of every traveller’s wishlist. However, try including a few lesser known attractions in your itinerary if you are interested in exploring the region and in experiencing native culture and traditions. Also, since there are not many customers, you get to enjoy much more for a lot less money. Check out our articles on what to do in Batam and on travelling in Taiwan for a better understanding of what we mean.

8. Stay at new hotels

Who wouldn’t want a little extra thrown in for free? New hotels tend to provide extra incentives for customers to build loyalty and goodwill. This way you get to enjoy some free perks and more hospitable service. Do you have a favorite hotel chain? Maybe subscribe to their newsletter to be the first person to know about their new hotels.

9. Book a refundable room

This doesn’t exactly fit in the ‘perfect vacation’ tips list, but booking a refundable room will ensure that you get your money back even if you have to drop your plans at the eleventh hour. Don’t worry though, you’ll get to enjoy your perfect vacation sometime later.

PS: Free Cancellation (within a specific timeframe) or Non-Refundable, whichever your booking falls under, is highlighted in the checkout window. Be sure to check for this before proceeding with payment for your stay.

10. Enjoy yourself

Mind you, this is actually the most important tip of all. Oftentimes it is a subconscious thing to worry about work when we are on vacation. So make sure you leave your problems at the check-in counter and enjoy the trip. Bon Voyage!